Better City LAB

October 20-23, 2010

Day 1: Mobility

When & Where

Wednesday, October 20
5410 Spring Garden Rd
19:00 to 21:00
Doors open at 18:00

Knowledge Black Market
An installation of 50 knowledge dealers by 4 Days Better City LAB

Book a 15-minute, triad dialogue with local knowledge dealers including artists, philosophers, economists, bureaucrats, garbologists, experts, non-experts .... The 'knowledge dealers' - through stories, theories, research, ideas & myths - will spark a conversation with you on a key questions and ideas about MOBILITY in our city.

At tables, 'knowledge dealers' sit and offer a portion of their knowledge which can be explained and learned in 15 minutes. Participants can choose between offers by the 'knowledge dealers' for an interactive and lively conversation.

The knowledge dealers are all locals bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives. You may hear ideas and questions such as:

Is our city an age-friendly city? What about e-mobility? How do we plan our cities for optimal movement of people and goods? Where are all the bike lanes? Could Halifax have a passenger rail system in 10 years?

From these conversations a collective story will begin to emerge that is a vision or snaphot of what mobility could be for a Better City, Better Life in Halifax.

Check out similar Knowledge Black Markets have been held in Hamburg, Berlin and Warsaw on various subjects.